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Being True to your child- Parenting Psychodrama 6 weeks course

Releasing your role of "by book parent" and activating your True parenting self. 
This experiential and educational psychodrama course is for parents who are seeking to feel natural, free of judgments, creative, happy and authentic in a role of the parent. 
If you are emotionally tired (psychically, every parent is tired sometimes) from being a parent, if you feel like you work too hard, it means that you try to play a role of the parent by somebody's else definition and not fulfilling your true parenting potential.   After having years of experience working with children and adults and growing through my own motherhood, I believe that one of the most important things that your child needs from you is truth and sincerity! You can do whatever parenting tricks you choose, but your child always feels your true intention and feelings about him/her ( even when you are sure that he/she is not) and that's what really affect your connection and relationships. 
Come to this deep and creative 6 weeks course and discover your True parenting potential, one that is needed for your child ( because you and only you are his/her mom/dad).
Benefit from learning and experiencing different psychodrama technics and tools that will increase your creativity, spontaneity and imagination; will activate your soul and support you in the communication with your child. Enjoy from a support and safety of the group, intimate and warm atmosphere and heart opening connections!!!

Facilitator: Vlada Zapesotsky, MA, PAT. 
Vlada Zapesotsky, MA, PAT, is a an American Board Certified Practitioner-Trainer in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy. Having worked as experiential  psychotherapist in Israel, Vlada relocated to the US, where she developed her own healing vision and action structure "The Way Home to your True self". She conducts workshops, trainings, educational sessions and courses in English, Hebrew and Russian.  In her private practice, Vlada works with children and parents, and adults, creating a safe and healing structure of the “True Inner Home,” about which she is writing a book.

Length: 2 hours for 6 weeks
Fee: full 6 weeks course of 2 hours session every week: $360.                                          Payable by checks/ Paypal: