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Family Constellations – Resolving Family Hidden Dynamics

At the core of Family Constellations lies the understanding that many of a person's difficulties originate in the Familial Collective Unconscious and in events that have occurred in previous generations. To bring healing and resolution to this, Family Constellations use live Simulations.

Live Simulation is a unique and somewhat revolutionary development in the field of Personal Growth, Therapy and Organizational Development. With the help of Live Simulations a direct connection is made with the personal, familial and historical unconscious, and through which, a way to healing and disentangling from these influences is possible.

If you are a therapist, and you would like to widen your tool kit to open a window to the
collective unconscious of your client, or, if you are someone who feels that you are carrying the weight of previous generations, these meetings will give you a good taste of what is possible with Family.