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Restorative yoga for balance, presence and strength.

Balance. It's the ephemeral word that we are all chasing in our fast paced world.

Presence. When was the last time you were present in the moment here and now.

Strength. It's about building up the core, physical and emotional,  to create the balance we seek.

Join Jennifer for an intimate, semi-private, 80 minute yoga class to dive into the depth of your yoga practice. With a maximum class size of six participants, Jennifer works with each participant to hone in on the nitty gritty details of yoga that make a world of difference. A transformative class that solidifies what it truly means to align body, mind and soul to bring about balance and wellness.

Jennifer Ho L. Ac. is an Acupuncturist, Intuitive Healer and Energy Alchemist. She believes that the teacher, as well as the healer, lies within each and every individual. She is passionate about empowering individuals with the tools, knowledge and wisdom to awaken the teachers and healers within themselves. Jennifer is incredibly honored and humbled for the opportunities to lead others to the realization that a happy, healthy and fulfilled life is not only within reach, but exists here in the present moment. For her, life is more about the journey than the destination. Jennifer is an avid yogi and draws from ancient teachings as well as modern mysticism to create a holistic understanding for the body, mind and soul. Her works can be found at

$40 per class or $180 for a series of 6