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Soul In Action- Intro to Psychodrama

Soul in Action- Intro to Psychodrama and Experiential Therapy

Length: 90 minutes 


This introduction session will open for you the magical realm of Psychodrama ("Psycho"-soul, "Drama-Action") and the power of Action Therapeutic Methods. Psychodrama techniques increases your spontaneity, creativity, imagination and helps you to be present and active in the "here and now". It warms up your playfulness, curiosity and awakes your soul. Psychodrama engages individuals and groups on multiple levels through a combination of channels: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, intuitive, intellectual, emotional, relational, actional/behavioral, etc. 

In Psychodrama space, we don't talk about things- we dream, improvise, feel, show, create and play. It's a space where your soul can act and be expressed. We connect and touch that autonomous healing center within where you can be your own creative healing agents. 

This session will include an educational part/ lecture and a short experiential demonstration. Audience participation is encouraged but not required. The previous experience is not necessary. 

About the speaker:

Vlada Zapesotsky, MA, PAT

Vlada is a Board Certified Practitioner and Trainer in Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy and a Trauma specialist (TSI).

Vlada combines in her practice a variety of expressive and experiential techniques, working with children, teens and adults. She assists and guides individuals in the wilderness of the inner world, clearing away the obstacles so the person can find their very true own path. Vlada leads workshops, psychodrama courses and educational sessions about healing, releasing and creativity in English, Hebrew and Russian.