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Holding Boundaries: A Radical Act of Self-Care

Learning how to hold boundaries is both a healing process and a radical act of self-care.  As children, so many of us experienced constant boundary violations – our feelings, instincts, and body were not honored and were constantly overridden by our parents, our teachers, and other authority figures. As a result, we stopped listening to the signals that let us know a boundary was being violated. 

In this experiential workshop, we’ll rediscover the ways that our bodies and emotions inform us that a boundary is being crossed and practice accessing our own wisdom and strength to hold boundaries with others. This workshop is a wonderful opportunity for any who struggle identifying and holding healthy boundaries with their partners, family members, co-workers, friends and/or children and want a safe place to explore and develop their boundary-holding skills.

In this experiential workshop series, we’ll create a safe space where you can explore the following questions:

• How do you know when a boundary is being crossed? How do your body and your emotions signal you that a boundary is not being respected?

• How do you “stay with yourself” – your experience, your truth – and stay out of taking emotional responsibility for the other person’s experience?

• What fears and beliefs keep you from forming clear boundaries or speaking up when a boundary is crossed? How can you move through those fears in order to stand for yourself?

• What language can you use to communicate your boundaries cleanly, with clarity and compassion?

• What do you do when someone repeatedly crosses your boundary, no matter how clearly you have communicated it to them?

It can be a deeply empowering act to trust your own signals and to take care of yourself by holding a boundary. Come join us for this exploration of boundaries and take a step toward an even deeper caring for and honoring of your own value, your needs, and your heart.

Sofia Landon, a certified Getting Real Coach and graduate of the Coaches Institute Training Program, facilitates workshops, retreats and ongoing committed groups in the South Bay and beyond.  She works with her clients to support them in trusting themselves, communication authentically, and holding clear boundaries.  For more information, visit her website at