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Family Constellations training for therapists

This training is tailored specifically for those of you who are already working with groups or have a private practice, this training will give you exciting and valuable tools that will allow you to work with your clients in a systemic way.

Revealing the effects of Systemic Hidden Dynamics and Trans-Generational Entanglements, and looking for their resolutions.

For full syllabus please go to:

Length- 20 meetings of 3.5 hours, every two weeks.

Yishai Gaster is the founder of ISSCI - Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations Israel.  ISSCI has been founded in 2006 and has had over 300 hundred graduates. Yishai has been practicing constellations since 1996 and has been training consultants, HR, Managers, facilitators and therapists, giving seminars internationally since 2003. To his work, Yishai brings extensive clinical experience with individuals and groups as a UKCP integrative psychotherapist (1999-2007), and organizational experience as a general manager in 'Columbia Marketing UK', for ten years, and consultant and trainer within the organizational field since 2007.  Yishai has been giving seminars and trainings in Family Constellations to therapists, clinicians, educational psychologists, and social workers in developing communities. He also has been training and teaching Organizational Constellations to organizational consultants, HR mangers and general managers from different backgrounds and companies, Ministry of Education staff in Israel.

Fee- The fee for the basic training is $1600.00. It can be paid in monthly increments of $160.00.

Payments can be made with checks, credit cards

Paypal –,

Venmo – Yishai Gaster


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