Red Tent Gatherings

Photo by stock_colors/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by stock_colors/iStock / Getty Images

Red Tent gatherings were practiced by  tribal cultures. Women would gather monthly to celebrate the cyclical nature of women and their connection to nature. In these gatherings, women created for themselves a safe, nurturing and sacred space to rest, meditate, rejuvenate, self- reflect and support one another.

In this space they could support each other, share wisdom and guide young girls in their entrance to womanhood and teach them about the mysteries and blessings of being a woman.

Modern life lacks the time and space for quite contemplation and connection to the natural world. We are increasingly spending the majority of our time outside ourselves, over stimulated by a constant influx of man made information. The modern Red Tent is an opportunity for women to revisit our essential nature, experience genuine connection and mature in our understanding of our inner landscape and the importance of our role in the world.

It is also an opportunity to connect to other women and create a nurturing community that modern life very much lacks of. This is why attending regular gatherings is recommended to provide women with a network for heartfelt sharing and support and build fertile communities in which to experience growth.  


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