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Liat Hod, Licensed Acupuncturist and owner

I'm a licensed acupuncturist in California with practical training in China and a background in psychology. My great passion for health and people is entwined in every aspect of my practice. I profoundly believe in the health benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine and it's ability to restore and maintain health, by facilitating the body's ability to heal itself. I strive to offer my clients the support and tools that will promote a better balance in their life and achieve their goals and ideal health.  I specialize in digestive problems and women's health with a special focus on preventative health.   

At Breathe, I aim to offer a combinations of services by bringing together practitioners that complete each other and work in synergy to create the ideal environment to promote healing of the Mind Body and Soul.  

Our experienced team is dedicated to work together to provide well rounded treatment plans and a positive experience to our patients and clients.

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Amit Shoval, Spalter Method, massage therapist 

I am a body therapist with years of experience, specializing in reflexology and the therapeutic, "Spalter Method'. The Spalter method has transformed many lives by using observation and inquiry to identify pre-existing behaviors and limitations of the body. This is later translated to focused massage therapy that helps to address the root of how pain is created within our bodies, and what needs to be done to eliminate it. By applying unique body touch and movement techniques designed to treat stress, on-going pains and chronic conditions, my treatment allows each person to listen to their needs, feelings, and wishes. As we work together you will build self awareness and a better understanding of the source of aches and pain. You will become attentive to your abilities, unused capabilities, and use them to fuel new energy and joy.  My method drives for behavioral change within the body, enabling you to release inhibitions and learn new experiences. We will identify how we create pain and how to prevent it by allowing the body to self balance. Together, we'll develop a personalized treatment plan, designed to achieve meaningful change in your well being.  I believe that together we can achieve happiness, expand body awareness, allow self development and freedom in the body and in life. 

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Shay Barak, Personal Transformation Guide, Hakomi, RC-S, Reiki,

Shay Barak is a Personal Transformation Guide, trained in multi-disciplinary methods of healing, combining the theories of western psychology and eastern philosophies. Hakomi, RC-S, Reiky, and Mindfulness are among the modalities that Shay uses in his practice.

Shay is also a marketing executive in the technology industry and has created a balance between the two worlds by bringing mindfulness and loving-kindness back to the business environment, as a role model and a mindfulness teacher.

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Kavita Melwani, Transformational Life and Business Coach/ Hypnotherapist 

Kavita is a serial entrepreneur and certified Transformational Coach and Hypnotherapist

She hold a Master's degree in Education and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In addition to her certifications she has also taken and continues to take courses to improve herself and learn more to help support her clients.

Kavita's passion is empowering Women to live a purposeful, abundant and peaceful lives. She helps them transform areas of their life and business that feel blocked so they achieve their goals, dreams and desires without extreme stress.

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Denise Renteria, Licensed Acupuncturist

Born and raised in California, I am a graduate of Cal Poly State University with a BS in Finance and Accounting.  After working for various multinational corporations in the US and in Europe, I returned to California to continue to investigate different forms of health care, nutrition and fitness.  I became certified as a yoga instructor in 2012 and went on to study acupuncture at Five Branches University in San Jose, CA where I earned my Master of Science Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I enjoy treating a variety of health concerns including stress, digestive disorders, pain management and fertility.  I also love helping people feel and look their best with facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

Good health is a vital part of life and an integral part of achieving our goals.  I feel so fortunate to be able to share my love of Acupuncture and Herbal medicine with you.

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Jennifer Ho, Licensed Acupuncturist, yoga instructor

Jennifer Ho L. Ac. is an Acupuncturist, Intuitive Healer and Energy Alchemist. She believes that the teacher, as well as the healer, lies within each and every individual. She is passionate about empowering individuals with the tools, knowledge and wisdom to awaken the teachers and healers within themselves. Jennifer is incredibly honored and humbled for the opportunities to lead others to the realization that a happy, healthy and fulfilled life is not only within reach, but exists here in the present moment. For her, life is more about the journey than the destination. Jennifer is an avid yogi and draws from ancient teachings as well as modern mysticism to create a holistic understanding for the body, mind and soul. Her works can be found at