Schedule Your First Consult

Meet with Liat Hod, Acupuncturist & Integrative Healing Program Coordinator for an informative hour long session. During the consult we’ll go over your health history and discuss your needs. You'll get to share all of your health concerns and goals and get questions answered.  


We'll Create Your Treatment Plan

After your initial consult with Liat, she'll present your case to the team and together we'll devise a treatment plan according to what best fits your needs. Once we've created your treatment plan we'll email you so you can schedule your first appointment.

All Treatment Plans Include some combination of the following:


Acupuncture, Massage, Nutritional recommendations, Naturopathic recommendations, Talk Therapy, Life Coaching



The First Treatment

Your first treatment will be an Acupuncture treatment with Liat. The treatment lasts 60 minutes. During this time you'll begin booking your appointments with the other practitioners included in your treatment plan.


Maintenance Program

Once you finish the integrative healing program, we’ll recommend ways to maintain the results we’ve achieved. Our aim is to promote a lifestyle change with lasting results.