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My Path

My Path of mind-body healing began by studying psychology. After graduating with a Master’s degree in social psychology, I worked for large employee assessment companies where I conducted professional evaluations of candidates. I felt like something was missing, this wasn't the right fit for my soul.

Over the years, I developed an ever-growing interest in the health of the mind and body. At the same time, I became familiar with the benefits of acupuncture.

I wanted to combine my deep interest in health and compassion for people and it seemed natural to extend my background in psychology to a system of medicine that holds the mind and body as one.

My path became clear.

In the treatments that I provide, I strive to facilitate the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine to restore and maintain health. I believe that the key to emotional and physical health is living a balanced life.

I treat a wide range of conditions including digestive disorders, women’s health, pain, facial rejuvenation, and weight loss, with a special focus on preventative health.


I am licensed to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine in the state of California.


I graduated from Five Branches University at San Jose with a Master of Science. I also hold a Masters in Social Psychology from Bar- Ilan University, and a Bachelors in Sociology from the Hebrew University.

Professional Training

Since 2012, I have been performing Master Fang’s Scalp Acupuncture. I was honored to be trained by Master Fang's personal student Dr. Ching Ching Chi. This unique scalp acupuncture system is based on western neurology and combines modern knowledge of the human brain with the ancient practice of acupuncture. This system is very effective in treating various conditions.

In 2014, I attended a summer externship at XingHua Hospital affiliated with Zhe Jiang TCM University in Hang Zhou, China. At this integrative hospital, I had the opportunity to observe how modern western medicine can be effectively combined with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer the best of these two worlds for the treatment of patients.

In 2016, I had the privilege to attend a two weeks seminar with Master Wang Ju Yi in Beijing, China. Master Wang Ju Yi is a world -renowned doctor and is well known for his Channel Theory method of treatment.