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a place to start a new chapter in the story of your wellness.

We know it’s possible for you to balance life’s demands alongside your own wellbeing.

We believe wellbeing can be enhanced & sustained when you utilize a variety of wellness resources.

To make this attainable we’ve gathered skilled practitioners who offer distinct yet complimentary services to support you, mind, body & soul.
— the breathe team

You've tried everything & nothing's changed?


When you were younger you bounced back more quickly.

Now, the stress of everyday life takes a toll.

Minor 'issues' are impacting you more significantly.

These issues prevent you from living life on your terms.


If you're comitted to your own healing & ready to put a supportive team of wellness professionals in your corner, we're ready for you.


We Integrate



Hakomi, Life & Transformational Coaching


Acupuncture, Nutrition, Naturopathy & Body Work


Energy Medicine, Reiki & Yoga

We collaborate to create a comprehensive treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs.

Meet The Team


We make starting a new wellness journey easy.

Finding support for your mind, body & soul can be simple.
Schedule a consult with our Integrative Healing Program Coordinator to discuss what you're dealing with, learn what it is like to work together and get the very best of our support.


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